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Ad Age has been told before that reviewing Super Bowl spots before the game is folly.

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Elke bal die over het net gaat mag worden gevangen. Score en scheidsrechter wordt door de leerlingen zelf geregeld.

That commercial was voted as the #1 Superbowl commercial this year.

I’m guessing that Weego’s previous owner was a craft beer drinker, and just couldn’t stand Weego’s incessant fetching of Bud Light piss water.

But the reality is I am lucky enough to write for a magazine that still exists in print and is sent to the printer on Friday night. Besides, these days, you -- yes, you -- had likely already seen most of the spots and formed your conclusions before the game started. So many marketers were thinking beyond the game this year that Shazam should have been awarded the MVP award. I say enough with the previews and the teaser spots.

Perhaps you decided Honda's "Matthew's Day Off" was a work of genius last Tuesday afternoon. The practice robs the average consumers -- and marketers -- of the element of surprise.


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