Updating network printer

Update Driver is not really the correct way to manage print drivers.Update driver is designed to update a driver from Version X to the next Version Y and not really the correct way to change the driver from a Win XP driver to a Win 7 driver (i.e.You can update your drivers automatically with either the FREE or the Pro version of Driver Easy.In every version of Windows I've tested, when you click the "Update Windows" button, before adding a printer, it is always so slow to complete updating.

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You can connect a printer to your eero network wirelessly or via Ethernet.

The Cube Pro firmware can either be updated via wireless connection or by using a USB mass storage device.

When using a USB mass storage device to update the firmware, go to and download the latest firmware to your device.

As the drivers are obviously not correct though, the driver needs to be manually upgraded (right click printer -- Update Driver).

Is there a WMI function or Powershell cmdlet for this action? As our USMT task sequence is separate from the deployment and runs under the migrated user's context I'm sure it would work.


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