Updating i930 software

Update Tool i Carsoft V3.5 Download Aktuelle Firmware i Carsoft i810 Serien Nummer beginnt mit i810…

Version 4.5 vom in Download Aktuelle Firmware i Carsoft i990 Version 1.4 kann bitte per Email angefragt werden Um die aktuelle Firmware und Update für die folgende i Carsoft Geräte zu erhalten, bitte dieses aktuelle Update Tool herunterladen, aufgrund der angegebenen Seriennummer, wird automatisch das aktuellste Update auf das Gerät aufgespielt.

A few devices - most notably the Sprint Nextel i930 and i920 Windows Mobile Smartphones - do require digitally signed software and may not be able to run our (currently unsigned) applications.

If you are trying to install our software on a Windows Mobile device provided by your employer, it is also possible that your employer has chosen to 'lock down' your Windows Mobile device to prevent unauthorized software installation.

Windows Mobile will automatically cancel an installation in that case, to prevent software from using malicious means to choose "Yes" to install itself.

To resolve the error, simply soft-reset your Windows Mobile PDA or phone and try the installation again.

Google formalized the update guarantee for Nexus devices last year in the wake of the Stage Fright vulnerability, but now it's gone a step further by listing the approximate end-of-life (EOL) dates on its support site.

Google added this data at some point in the last few weeks, but it has only now been noticed.

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See Rover for more information and complete coverages by vehicle and system. Call us at 1-800-533-2210 or contact us via live chat. Do-It-Yourself-How-To Video: Watch Doug, our Land Rover Master Technician, as he helps you in choosing the right diagnostic system for your model Land Rover.You may need to contact your IT department to see if this is the case.Here you find all the latest firmwares for the GALAXY S Ⅲ GT-I9300, if you want to flash your device with the newest Samsung software.Rover carries 3 diagnostic systems, with vehicle coverages and price points that will fit your needs. By: Ming-Tuck Sam Most DIY users only need to read and clear codes.Doug introduces the Hawkeye, a diagnostic tool that is truly portable and simple to use by the home or professional mechanic; the Terrafirma TF930 for Land Rovers and Range Rovers with 1999 Bosch (or Jaguar) engines and newer engines--GEMS engines are not covered; and lastly, the Lynx Diagnostic System, which provides a number of programming and specialty functions specific to Land Rover. This i930 does that, at a price that is very affordable.Plus, we'll even take an additional The i Carsoft i930 is a professional vehicle fault diagnostic tool for Land Rover and Jaguar vehicles featuring a full color TFT screen and unique diagnostic software.


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