Steam frozen updating

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It's been a loooooooonggggg freaking time coming unfortunately.It doesn't actually install the game and it stays like that as long as you keep the launcher up.I've tried reinstalling, and all that, but nothing seems to work so far that I have tried.So as the title says I need help fixing my dota 2 update download.I've ran a quick google search and came up with these options which none of them have worked for me :• Verify the integrity of the game cache.• Removing the Dota 2 files from the downloading folder.• Refreshing your and your in your steam folder.• Changing the region to force download from a different server.• Clearing out the Dota 2 files from your depotcache folder.Thankfully, my doctor didn't recommend that haha, but here is what they have suggested to me: Every morning, I take my pre-natals (with DHA), folic acid supplement (Folgard) and 200mg of Co Q10 (a vitamin-like substance that is suggested to enhance both female and male fertility).


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