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Once repainted and restored, the fence was reinstalled along the repaired granite wall.

The final stage of the project included the cleaning of the impressive granite wall and gateway using specialized cleaning materials.

Walsh will today visit Boston's iconic Freedom Trail to celebrate the award-winning Granary Burying Ground restoration project and extensive improvements to the Freedom Trail, now in its 65th year.

At p.m., Mayor Walsh will join Boston Parks Commissioner Chris Cook, Public Works Commissioner Michael Dennehy, City officials and Freedom Trail Foundation members to review the recent work completed along the Trail.

We take as our starting point the following: Gardens are a sensitive barometer of economic activity, for in times of hardship there are no resources for new creations, and sums available for maintenance are reduced.

All the work which followed in the 17th century by Henry Clerke (and his son Sir Francis) was of an inferior standard to that set by his father in law.

Check out a sampling of photos from the Office of Response and Restoration, and download the ones you like best.

All these images are in the public domain and are free to use; however, we would appreciate your providing credit to us, OR&R has created a variety of infographics to augment information on our website and to stand alone as information sources.

Fence pieces were recast and many pickets needed to be lengthened to re-anchor to the granite wall.

Cracks in the granite wall and piers were repaired, and a chunk of missing granite wall was replaced as were brick shims under the granite wall.


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