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I was able to "fix" this by calling a little Java Script magic to force a page refresh, and this works, however the entire page refreshes, and that looks ugly.I tried adding the Rad Window to the Ajax Manager Proxy like this, in hopes that it would AJAXify the grid refresh, but that's doesn't do it.This occurs after the view constructor and view did load events as I am using MVVM cross viewmodels to retrieve my data, once the data has been retrieved, an event is raised from the viewmodel to the view to bind the appointments to the schedule control. but this is not refreshing the view and showing the added appointments.If I navigate or select any cell, then the appointments are displayed. Based on your scenario, we have tested Sf Schedule by triggering an event to added appointments to the control in that event and it works fine. It shows the group name, and also an Edit and a Delete button. This is a seperate ASPX page that shows up in the Rad Window. It displays a list of "groups" that members belong to. When you click a button to edit a group, we launch a new form in a Rad Window.

So I am adding appointments to a NSMutable Array within a for loop.

P.s: Data Bind() method is not working simply follow the following steps: 1. Second one put a button control on to webpage or webpage 3.

Then double click the button control and call the gridview method.

Is there another method to call to refresh the monthview and display my appointment information? Along with Appointment Collection changed and Appointment property changed is also listened properly for that please refer our sample browser sample (Xamarin - Could you please cross check the data you have provided while creating appointments through the event.

If the provided solution doesn’t meet your requirement, please revert us back with simple issue reproducing sample along with its replication procedure (if possible screenshot)?


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