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If there is enough interest I will set up an event on the site. thanks i wouldnt have limited it to numbers...10 guys and 10 girls...maybe if you said ALL welcome you would get a better not to sit around a table and chat cos it sounds a little bit boring..few drinks in the bar plenty of chat & plenty of craic..something along that lineits all in the advertising unfortunalty im busy in nove...other than that i would have gone...sorry but best of all have a great time hi wexmael im top lad iv been on pof meets when i lived in england and set up a few up what we did was get places with are own room just for pof members we all had name taggs with are user name on and did fancy dress or just good fun nights so everrey one new that it was just pof members there coz some foke got put of by not knowing whos a member and who int and yes mate if u get one to gether i love to be there.

Looking for a Wexford dating site to help you find a long-term partner?

For town-dwellers, often the best way to meet new people is by hoping to see that special someone in a pub or bar; but it's rare that such an encounter is one that takes your breath away.

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Obviously this would be open to Plenty of Fish members from anywhere.

Life is too short for silly games ....................................

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Here's where you can meet singles in Wexford, Pennsylvania.


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