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Even if you’re not blessed with built-in crown molding, here are some essentials for anyone hoping to adopt timeless classic home decor.

Decor in the classic home is generally monochromatic, loosened up by pops of colour that aren’t too gauche.

Country Decorating Style Whether you like simple American country or the more elaborate French provincial design, there's a country style for you. Cool Contemporary Decorating No longer strictly cold and austere, contemporary decorating still embraces clean lines but can be warm and welcoming, too.

Patrician old-world elements pair with cleaner Art Deco shapes. Think Grace Kelly, Tiffany & Co., and Charlotte from Sex and the City. Think the Museum of Modern Art, Frank Lloyd Wright, a Rubik’s Cube.

They are never outdated and add essential character to the room.

If possible, consider constructing intricate crown molding or delicate picture frame molding, as well as ceiling medallions.

Fortunately, we've compiled a number of decorating ideas for home's interior, including the kitchen, dining room, bedroom, bathroom, home office, and auxiliary spaces such as the entranceway, hallways, and attic.

We also have ideas for outdoor living spaces such as the deck and patio.


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