Dating a man with a big ego

Even if you get them to look at a blue sky and tell them that the sky is blue, if you insult them, they will find a rainbow somewhere in the sky and will disagree with you. Refrain from saying "you must", or "you need to", or "you have to." 3. Before communicating any disagreement with them, seek to identify any of their conduct or statements that could be reasonable. Once you have acknowledged that something that they have said or done is reasonable, they will have an easier time communicating to you that what you are saying or doing is reasonable as well. Do not try to force them to accept that they are wrong, negligent, or inconsistent.So, communicate your point, but don't point fingers! Say "thank you" any time they compromise or offer concessions, in order to encourage further concessions and compromises. If you do, you will face a powerful resistance from their egos.Attracting a man with a huge ego can be especially challenging because this type of man is used to women throwing themselves in his direction. Make him feel that he is actually the one who is lucky to be out with you. Allow him to pick up the check or open the car door for you.This is probably one of the main causes for his huge ego. This might bruise his ego, but it will make him want to work even harder to win your affection. Not only will this make you feel like a princess, but it also will make him feel like more of a man. A man with a huge ego feels he must always appear to have everything under control. As a result, he probably feels there is no one he can confide in.

Years later, when he meets someone he wants to spend his life with, he unconsciously gives her what I call his "jujube doll"—a kind of voodoo-like name I have for the part of a man's self-esteem that's vulnerable to a woman's opinion of him. Most women I talk with don't realize what kind of influence they have over men.

Have you noticed how some men and women think that the only reason anyone could ever dislike them or their behaviour is because that person is insecure or jealous?

For example, if you say or do anything they don’t like — even something unrelated to their looks – it’s because you’re jealous; envious and resent them for possessing something you want but don’t have.

Twenty-six years of counseling men and couples have given Jay Carter an unusually clear window into men's hearts and minds.

Carter's observations are so eye-opening that we asked him about everything from finding the key to a man's inner life to the best way to chew him out when you're mad: Q: You've written that most women have no idea of their power to wound men. A: During a boy's most important developmental period—his first five years—he usually gets his self-esteem from his mother.


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