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Most decent girls want a guy who is mentally strong as it gives them a sense of security (in the back of their mind they're really thinking "Hmm, I think he will be ok in front of my parents") Awwww, and I was about to change batting teams and ask you out. I follow this Asian guy on Instagram who is a health nut.

BOWLS: Ellen Falkner is through to the semi-finals of the women’s two-wood singles at the English Championships in Leamington Spa.

Falkner got her campaign under way with a 14-12 victory over Kingswood & Hanham’s Val Molton and a 15-11 win against Congresbury player Kate Herbison before seeing off Herts’ Janet Carter by the same score in the third round. cf 'J k T i I • Breathless • Speris Legacy • Pinball Prelude • Hillsea Lido • Plaver Man 2 AGA 9 770963"009044 XL 1.76MB INT. S SUPER XL DRIVE £129.95 1.76 XL DRIVE The XL Drive allows you io store a 1 76MB on a high density disk. £79.95 1 76 XL DRIVE INTERNAL £75 1 -76 XL DRIVE A4000 . • Empire Soccer Compilation 56 Four soccer games in one box especially for footy nuts. PLAYERS GUIDES • Vampyra 58 "Fangs a Tot for all your questions" says Vampyra as she answers this month's Monkey Island question. This month's selection highlights a top tip for Fears. • Hillsea Udo Poor man's Theme Park, or top English seaside resort hilarity? • Pinball Prelude 54 Have EMigy really beaten 21st Century at their own game? delivery) £ CREDIT CARD NO EXPIRY DATE SIGNATURE DELIVERY 2-3 DAYS £2.50 □ NEXT DAY £5 QSAT £10 □ MINIMUM DELIVERY E2.Important points: The Lifestyle lounge is for discussions that relate to life and culture. Threads must have a purpose beyond mere conversation, e.g.Make unlimited video calls and stay in touch with your loved ones for free!


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