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Daniel, Worthy Grand Scribe of the national Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity to the Virginia Delta, Beta and Epsilon chapters, North Carolina Alpha Delta and Alpha Eta chapters, and South Carolina Alpha Chi, Alpha Phi, and Beta Xi chapters, along with fraternity alumni from Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina, inviting them to a meeting in Richmond, Virginia, for the unveiling of the statue of Robert E. View the catalog record 001635365EAD Guide American Colonization Society. Records, 1927-2001, of the American Chemical Society Virginia Section consisting of articles, clippings, correspondence, financial records, lectures, minutes, newsletters, pamphlets, photographs, research papers, reports, and other papers relating to the operations and goals of the Virginia Section and of the American Chemical Society. Also contains letters, 1854, received by William Mc Lain, financial secretary of the American Colonization Society, in response to his written appeal for funds to aid the emigration to Liberia of the slaves freed by the Reverend T. Leader: “Can trophy hunting help conservation? “ Can it ever be right to auction a licence to shoot a seriously endangered animal like the black rhino?The Dallas Safari Club, a hunters’ group based in Texas, did just that last weekend, despite protests from animal rights activists.

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Made up of some 125 miles of barrier island beaches jutting into the Atlantic Ocean, the Outer Banks have long been a favorite of vacationing families, since most of the accommodations consist of houses that can be rented by the week.

One sub-species, the western black rhino (Diceros bicornis longipipes) was officially declared extinct in 2011. is an effective means to raise much-needed money for rhino conservation”.

The $350,000 the anonymous bidder paid for the shooting licence will go into a rhino account run by the government’s Namibian Game Products Trust Fund, which channels income from wildlife use, including tourism and hunting licences, into anti-poaching patrols.

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